Flooding in Buttermere and the Lake District

The more astute walkers out there, equipped with keen powers of observation, may have noticed that it has been a little on the wet side lately.

The Lake District and Cumbria as a whole have experienced just ever so slightly more rain over the past few days than is typical for our wonderful October weather. As a result, flood warnings have been put in place across many parts of the Lake District because as the name implies, it is a rather wet place to be, even at the best of times.

However as beautiful Buttermere typically seems to have it’s own notion of climate, we thought it would be best to make a bit of an update regarding the weather and conditions.

It is wet. Very wet.

Yet, despite the continued rainfall and the fact that the village of Buttermere sits on the banks of it’s name-sake, we remain unsubmerged. Leaving us as the second wettest area, just ahead of the suburbs of Atlantis. At present we remain reachable via car, ocean cruisers are not yet a necessity to reach our patch of damp heaven.

That being said, while Buttermere does remain above sea level (for the most part) the newly forming Lake District Oceans are leaving other areas rather more sodden. Should your innate desire for adventure leave you wanting a good old ghyll scramble or if you’re simply curious to find out whether or not your car is suitable for white water rafting, Buttermere is still accessible. We do recommend however coming from the Cockermouth/Lorton side as the Borrowdale Valley has turned into a sunken treasure. Newlands and Honister Pass remain open, however we do not advise taking either route.

Cockermouth water level, 28/10/2021

Cockermouth Flood level 2021

Should your adventures bring you towards Buttermere, the Bridge Hotel remains open, stoic in the face of the consistent Lakeland sunshine! Our fire is warm, our beer cold and wet feet are welcome at no additional charge. If you find your spirit for adventure and willingness to fight the tide diminish upon crossing the hearth and being welcomed into our warm, dry bar equipped with friendly staff and gratuitous food portions, worry not. The Bridge Hotel does have rooms still available, (despite it being perfect walking weather, who would’ve thought) you can find availability here

The perfect setting to wait out the storm, with ample local ales and hearty meals. So should the worst happen and you find yourself trapped by the encroaching flood water, the Bridge Hotel will provide welcome sanctuary. As well as a few luxuries, it’s water, not the end of the modern world after all.

Finally, on a more serious note, we would like to advise all drivers and walkers especially to be careful if you find yourselves out in this weather. Even the most veteran Lake District aficionados may struggle. Be safe and only travel if you are confident. Buttermere will remain as always.

All information is correct at the time of writing, 29/10/2021.