We are all creators
– every one of us an artist.
Each new day is an
edgeless blank canvas,
each moment a brushstroke unpainted.
When we view our lives through the unencumbered
imagination of a child,
we are free to invent, re-invent, mold,
shape, texture and colour our journey.
Upon re-uniting with ourselves in the playground
of our dreams – freely embracing the multi-hued
palette of our vision –
our lives become a true creation….

Joe Charman

Joe taught himself to paint when he was a young child and has not stopped painting “his way” since. He has explored a diversity of painting subjects throughout his life, but is best known for his large and panoramic paintings of London.
For four years successfully selling his vivid London landscapes from the “Artists’ Quarter”, Greenwich Arts & Crafts Market, Joe has established both a private and corporate client base, with collectors hanging his work in all corners of the globe.
Joe’s inspiration for painting London emanates from his unique relationship with it. While his friends went to work in the City, Joe painted from home, exhibiting his paintings at weekends. As a busy rock drummer gigging extensively and recording with bands in London, and with bookings as a nightclub percussionist alongside established house DJs in The City, Joe gained much inspiration for painting London from the nocturnal perspective – that of a weekend reveller.
This built within him a fascination with the people and often deserted streets of London’s “after hours” –  crowds and loners alike, heading city-bound under the midnight moon or journeying home at sunrise. Joe’s paintings unite the observer with the inner world of these characters – couples holding hands or the solitary, passing stranger that we can all relate to – against the timeless backdrop of iconic London.
Both peaceful and effusive, his dream-like cityscapes are infused with energy and light, resulting in a vivid sensory experience that can be “walked in to”. 
His paintings are often characterised by tangible weather conditions, single buses and London taxis below the glowing lamp-light. His love of haunting cinematic artistry shines through his work.
Many are surprised that Joe never firstly draws his composition onto the canvas prior to painting, but prefers to freely render the main components with a large paint brush or palette knife before later honing in on the more detailed elements. None of his paintings are heavily planned in advance. Spontaneity, he feels, is his greatest ally and freedom of expression within each painting is his motivation for painting. Although he often refers to his own photos and sketches of London, his work is mostly from his imagination.
His recent relocation from London to The Lake District, Cumbria, UK – where he paints from his home studio – has imbued his latest work with much new inspiration drawn from the majesty of the mountains, lakes and rugged coastline that he now enjoys each day. This re-connection with nature breathes new life energy into his latest work as demand for his London & city paintings continue. He is currently expanding to incorporate paintings of other European Cities he loves – Amsterdam in particular. He spends his spare time exploring, sketching and painting the great outdoors of The Lake District, with a view to phasing natural landscapes into his repertoire, in his inimitable style. 
Joe loves working in oils for the beautiful, rich qualities they offer, but is equally moved by the versatility and immediacy attributed to acrylics. His style reflects his love of both the impressionistic approach and of realism, settling somewhere 
between the two.
Joe Says :“ Painting is my journey to the corners of a world that I envisage and it is my pathway through creativity to a seductively unfixed destination. I have been an artist since I could hold a paintbrush and I will continue to be an artist until I cannot”.